Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clearing space, making room for TODAY

Clearing our physical space unclutters our psychological space.

Do we really need to hang on to every article we've ever read, every book we've ever owned?

Words, words, words, flowing in an endless stream in an age of endless infomercialism...

And all the STUFF:

Kitchen stuff: Gizmos and gadgets, duplicate dishes, pots and pans we never use, baking supplies when really the last thing we need to be eating in quantity is baked goods, and how many cookbooks does one person really need to own, anyway? How many recipes will I really use this week, this month, this year? Can I streamline my kitchen, streamline my diet, streamline my life?

Hobbies, recreation, procrastination--the stuff that buffers me from the feeling of naked space.

Why do I have it? Why do I keep it? Do I really need it? Do I really love it? Does it serve a useful purpose in my life as I live it today?

Am I cluttering my present with too many "mementoes" of the past?

What is helping me to live in my TODAY?