Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Computer-free days

Turn off the computer and keep it turned off for a full day. Or for several days.

In a time of social networking and obligatory online presence, how refreshing it is to withdraw from it all, in an act of cyber hermitude.

Solitude. Space. Silence.


Imagine reading a book--a real book. Sitting in a comfortable chair, rather than at a desk. Eyes resting on printed words on an opaque page, rather than staring at a glowing screen.

Imagine the freedom from the compulsion to check e-mail, check social sites, check discussion boards.

Imagine letting go of keeping up.

Let it go. Just BE.

Look around the room. Look around your home. Look around your neighborhood.

What's waiting for you, waiting to be done, in the rest of your life?

Shut off the computer. Get up. Move. Walk. Discover life away from the screen.