Monday, November 28, 2011

Critical thinkers need not apply

‎Excellent article for anyone with a humanities or liberal arts background to ponder. Liberal arts and humanities are held in disdain by the financial Powers That Be precisely because these areas of study teach people to think and to value the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself. The love of knowledge is not a marketable commodity, and people who learn to think tend not to be easily manipulable.

Student Loan Fury in the Occupy Movement

I have often seen and heard my B.A. in Philosophy devalued as a "useless degree."

Philosophy literally means "love of wisdom."

You do the math.

* * *

"The last thing the current ruling class wants is a group of people trained to think critically, i.e., question the structure and conventions propagated by the ruling classes. . . .what the ruling class wants are technicians." - Robert Lawless, quoted in the article