Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plastic priorities

I used to own a garlic press that was made of plastic.  Why I owned a garlic press made of plastic, I do not remember; it might have been given to me, or perhaps plastic garlic presses happened to be featured at the store at the time I needed a garlic press.

However it came to be, I owned a plastic garlic press.

Over time, I noticed that the plastic tended to retain the smell of garlic.  This drove me nuts.  I would scrub it, I would soak it, I would use extra dish detergent on it, and still it would smell like garlic.  No matter how clean I got the danged thing, it still smelled like garlic.

One day it occurred to me to ask:  What am I doing?

This is a garlic press.

I use it to press garlic.

I use it only to press garlic.

No other food will come in contact with this garlic press.

So what difference does it make if it retains a faint scent of garlic?

And I found better things to do with my time than attempt to get a garlic press to stop smelling like garlic.

Years down the road, when I needed a new garlic press, I bought one made of stainless steel.

It does not smell like garlic.