Sunday, March 31, 2013

Returning to the empty tomb

   when we both were dead

   to the same blank page
   seeking truth in unflinching
   brazen lines

But then
   you faded, then
   you fled

   to the margins of the
   once called home

   wrapped in what you knew
   your fledgling wings

   in security mocking vision
   to one who fears to

   the view beyond


Monday, March 18, 2013

There is no spoon

Do not try and bend the spoon.  That's impossible.  Instead, only try to realize the truth:  There is no spoon. - The Matrix

There is no spoon.  Yet within the Matrix, people are experiencing spoons; and for some, their spoons have sharp edges, jagged edges, edges that cut them and drain their lifeblood in the very effort to nourish themselves.  Even in a world in which everything is an illusion created within human minds, those human minds are experiencing very real suffering and pain.

The spoon, in real life, is not entirely in our minds.  Yet the spoon, in real life, is not entirely outside of our minds.  There is an external reality, AND, that external reality is created and shaped and re-created by our internal reality.  It is not either-or, but both-and.

There are external realities that cannot be glossed over, external realities that inflict very real pain and suffering on very real human beings.  Yet we also see human beings who find within themselves the capacity to shape their internal, subjective experience to cultivate inner peace, creating what good they can, even within the context of objective external realities that are brutal and oppressive.

Furthermore, we see that even the most brutal and oppressive social realities are products of the human mind.  People created these situations, these institutions, these practices; and what people have the power to create, people have the power to re-create.

External change begins with internal change, a change in how we see and in what we believe and in what we are willing--or not--to accept as immutably true.

When we realize that the spoons are socially constructed, we realize our own power to bend the spoons, mend the spoons, construct our own spoons in more humane and nourishing forms.

Friday, March 15, 2013


I never did quite learn
the art of drawing
encouragement from gagging
noises and stopped ears.

Every stage, every audience
is opportunity to prove
myself.  Listen!  Look!
I really, really can sing!
See?  Hear?
I'm not that bad.

Perhaps not great.  I don't need
to be great, I need only
to unstop ears,
ungag voices, prove,
prove that I really

A lifetime's vindication
rests upon each performance,
an expectation
my diaphragm cannot support.

So once again, in my solitary
third-shift computer room,
I render a flawless performance;
in cyberspace, where
no one can hear me