Thursday, February 4, 2016

It IS okay to throw things away!

It is okay to throw things away!

Seems like an obvious point, and a not terribly profound affirmation, but really it goes right to the core for many of us for whom clutter has been a challenge.  On some level, we have internalized the belief that we must hang on to everything that isn't complete and total garbage.  And in some extreme cases, people have been conditioned to hoard even garbage:  useless waste, broken items, and so on.

And so it's very important to affirm that it IS okay to let go of what we no longer want or need.

Stuff that's obviously still useful and in good shape to donate is easier to part with.  But many of us have internalized a belief that we should never throw away a "perfectly good" item--meaning something that isn't obviously worn out or broken beyond all repair.

And so we feel obligated to keep things we no longer like, things that are stained or scratched or are torn or broken, "but just need to be fixed!"  Sure, the shirt may be stained or yellowed or dingy with age, but it's "still wearable."  Okay, the furniture looks like crap, and yet "it's still perfectly good, you can't throw it away."

Throw it away.

Ultimately, hoarding clutter is a denial of entropy.  It's a denial that things do eventually wear out, diminish, get scruffy.  We want to pretend it's still fresh and new, as we remember it.

Part of life is recognizing that we do periodically need to throw out the old and bring in the new.

If we can't do this with even our material environment, how can we bring ourselves to do it with our lives?

It is okay to throw things away.  Don't be fooled by the illusion of "someday."  Look realistically at what you know you will need, here and now and in the reasonably foreseeable future.  For example, you know that seasonal decorations will be used in the coming year.  Ditch the junk that has no real purpose, but yet, "I hate to throw it out..."

Throw it out.

Be spacious.  Be free.

Focus your life, here and now.