Saturday, February 4, 2017

The vision of health

You know how, if a person gets the winter flu or other illness, they often experience a lapse into feeling like holy hell before they get back to feeling healthy and strong?  I think that is what American society, and maybe the world as a whole, is experiencing right now.  I was born the year of Martin Luther King's March on Washington, and have watched over the past half century as society advanced in recognizing the human and civil rights of increasing numbers of people.  And now, in recent years, we've seen increasing visibility of white nationalist and other bigoted groups that seem bent on undoing the gains of the past fifty years.

What's happening, I think, is part of the process of progress and growth.  Growth is almost never linear, personally or socially:  There are setbacks as well as gains.  My best understanding at this point is that we have seen tremendous advances in human and civil rights at the external levels of legislation and public policy and official societal standards. However, at the personal level, not everyone has internalized the values on which these changes are based.  There is still a lot of personal and cultural growth--inner transformation--that needs to take place in order to create a solid, lasting cultural shift towards human equality.

So what we're seeing right now are the symptoms of sickness in the process of working itself out so that the body may be healed, healthy, and whole.  And as with physical healing, we do not get healthy by fixating on how godawful we feel; we stay focused on the vision of health and keep doing what we need to do until we are living that vision of health.

Keep the vision, fellow travelers.  Keep the vision.  Blessed Be.